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Preserve & protect your teeth
With dental fillings & crowns near Narre Warren

Tooth decay or caries is a very common problem and this can be attributed to several factors like a poor dental hygiene and a sugar-rich diet choices. Advances in dentistry over the last few years have made it possible to not only preserve, but also retain the normal form and function of teeth. With the right treatment and the right after care, it is possible to enjoy good dental health for years. At Inline Smiles, we offer our patients the best in restorative dentistry with quality dental fillings and dental crowns near Narre Warren.

Dental Fillings near Narre Warren

Dental fillings are a popular and effective way to treat caries, chipped, worn and broken down teeth. In order to fix your teeth, our dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth to avoid the decay from spreading, clean it out and do a dental filling to restore the shape and size. You can be sure that our team will make you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

At Inline Smiles, we use modern filling techniques to ensure better bonding to the teeth, and as a result, long lasting results. You can choose to get tooth coloured fillings for a more natural look and smile. These look so natural that most others may not be able to tell that a filling has been done.

Dental Crowns near Narre Warren

If you have severely decayed, cracked or badly chipped teeth, then dental crowns are a wonderful way to protect your teeth and prevent weakening of the surrounding dental structure. They are also a way to avoid extracting the compromised tooth. A crown can be best described as a cap for your tooth. It resembles the shape of your natural tooth, and can help restore strength, aesthetics and function, without having the world know about it. Crowns mimic the natural shape and contour of your teeth ensuring an outcome that lasts many years. Dental crowns can be made of several materials including gold alloy or porcelain.

The procedure for dental crowns near Narre Warren entails multiple steps. First, the tooth needs to be prepared for the crown to be fitted. Just like the procedure for fillings, our dentist will remove any dental decay, and do a filling to restore the tooth structure. The natural crown of the tooth will then be prepared, to make way for your new dental crown on the next appointment.

At Inline Smiles, we may recommend a crown for your tooth if it is broken down, heavily filled, has had a prior root canal treatment or to change the shape or colour of the tooth. We also cater to patients who are looking for dental crowns for cosmetic purposes, near Narre Warren. During your consultation for this procedure, our dentists will determine if you are a suitable candidate for dental crowns, and discuss the ideal material options that are available for you, along with their pros and cons and accompanying costs, to help you make an informed choice.

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