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Frequently Asked Question's

Many dental and health organisations say that people should go to the dentist twice a year for checkups and cleaning because cavities and gum disease are preventable. Even if you take excellent care of your teeth and gums at home, you still need to see a dentist regularly. Your dentist can check for problems that you may not see or feel. Many dental problems don’t become visible or cause pain until they are in more advanced stages. Examples include cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should happen before his or her first birthday. The general rule is six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Taking your child to the dentist at a young age is the best way to prevent problems such as tooth decay, and can help parents learn how to clean their child’s teeth and identify his or her fluoride needs. After all, decay can occur as soon as teeth appear. Bringing your child to the dentist early often leads to a lifetime of good oral care habits and acclimates your child to the dental office, thereby reducing anxiety and fear, which will make for plenty of stress-free visits in the future.

X-rays should be taken every 2 years. However, some patients may require them more frequently for reasons including treatment, nutrition, hygiene, and other issues.

Plaque is a clear sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on teeth. As plaque collects it forms a hard layer of tartar (or calculus) particularly in hard to reach areas between teeth and near the gumline. Plaque is the main contributor to cavities and gum disease.
Removal of plaque with brushing and flossing on a twice daily basis and regular removal of tartar by your dentist is the first step in defeating disease.

Immediately schedule an appointment with your dentists as soon as you can to find out what is causing your toothache. Many people, unfortunately, experience a toothache in the late evening or early morning when the dentist’s office is not open.

At Inline Smiles Clinic, we accept all major credit cards (Bankcard, MasterCard, Visa), Cash, EFTPOS, Cheque and Hicaps. As we know sometimes you may not have the funds to cover some treatments we also offer payment plans through Ezi Debit. Open a discussion with your dentist to see if a payment arrangement can be worked out for your situation. There are resources available so you don’t have to worry about the cost and focus more on your needs.

Monday and Wednesday 10.30 – 7:30 and  Tuesday and Thursday 2.00 – 6.00 (Thursday will be fortnightly) and Friday 9:00 – 6:00  and the 1st Saturday of the month 9 – 1.00

While bad breath (or “halitosis”) can be linked to numerous systemic diseases, the majority of bad breath originates in the mouth. A dry mouth or a low salivary flow can also influence bad odor. Your dentist can help you to find what is the problem and advise you on what treatment is best for you.

While at the drugstore you will find an array of teeth whitening products, you should first know that purchasing a whitening product may not the best or quickest solution. You should be aware of the foods you are eating and the medications you are currently on that could affect the color of your teeth. There are risks and benefits to using over the counter products on your teeth so schedule an appointment with our office for an examination, cleaning and review of the procedures and options best available to you personally.