Sleep Dentistry

Sometimes dental visits can be overwhelming and can cause high levels of anxiety for some patients. Often this level of anxiety can discourage patients from visiting the dentist and thereby preventing them from obtaining treatment often required to improve their oral health.

At Inline Smiles Clinic, we offer intravenous sedation to create a drowsy and dream-like state of deep, calming relaxation for the entire duration of the dental procedure. It is administered by an Anesthetist and involves a combination of sedative and pain relieving medicaments.

If you feel nervous about dental treatment, we recommend to book an initial consultation to meet the dentist and to have an examination only. We have been very successful on gaining trust and confidence from anxious patients, so they are able to have their treatment done with no sedation. After the examination, if you and your dentist consider you are a good candidate for sleep dentistry, we will make all the necessary arrangements for you.